The wedding season is just around the biggest worry for many moms would be how they should style their little girl’s hair to wedding. Yes, you have to make sure that your girl makes a fashion statement and looks as elegant as possible. She has to catch every eye and everyone must praise her overall style and the beautiful and stylish hair she has adorned. Even though the prospect is quite worrisome but you should not worry at all about it because there are plenty of beautiful hairstyles for girls that give you all the ease of styling that you may be interested in. You can easily find hairstyles for little girls that are not just trendy and elegant but also create a perfect traditional vibe as well. So, if you want to check out which hairstyles are going to work for your little girls this wedding season, here we have a list of top 10 hairstyles around. Let’s check out.

  1. Simple High Ponytail

Simple high ponytail style really makes for a perfect style on any day and your little one is definitely going to love it for sure. Add a touch of burgundy color to her long beautiful and luscious locks to spice up the look even further. The hairdo even works for the girls with short hair as well giving them a perfect overall look to flaunt. The hairstyle is gentle and can be achieved by simply brushing her hair nicely with a quality hair brush and it will embellish just about any personality. Your girl will surely love this simple yet cool look.

  1. Tousled Waves

For girls with beautiful long and wavy hair, this is the perfect look to flaunt. You can always style them in a way that they look more like a style icon and that too without much of a hassle. This wavy hairstyle with mid part can be styled easily with the beautiful tousled flyways on the sides.

  1. Tousled Curls

Yet another simple hairstyle for little girls, this hairstyle can be achieved fairly easily and you can master it within no time for sure. Just wash her hair, apply a quality hairspray for styling her curls to perfection and then finger comb her hair to perfection so that those tousled curls can be achieved. Give a disheveled look to the curls to make them a perfect option for traditional weddings. The hairdo can further be accentuated and enhanced with accessories and flowers.

  1. Frizzy Band

This is a tight mane hairstyle for afro hair with frizz and curls that your girl can wear with a nice hair band at the front for any wedding party. The look is achieved by taming those frizzy curls and pulling it all back to achieve a clear and neat look in the end.

  1. Side Chignon

For those beautiful little girls that are blessed with the long tresses, this is the look to flaunt. The hairstyle is just great for wedding parties and looks as stylish as it can ever get. The stylish side chignon can be pulled back tightly and a cute look can be achieved overall. It’s up to you whether you’d like to keep things simple or style it up with some nice accessories and flowers.

  1. Braided Milkmaid Bun

A braided milkmaid bun really makes for a perfectly vintage hairstyle. The hairdo is just perfect for girls who have long and beautiful tresses and it’s easy to pull off the look as well. Just simply create a milkmaid braid and pull it into beautiful bun on top to achieve a perfectly modish and classic hairstyle for the next wedding party you have to attend with your little girl.

  1. Messy Ponytail

Yes, long and simple high ponytails look great on little girls but what about a messy ponytail? Well, this high ponytail with beautiful mini braids really looks amazing and rather stylish on little girls. The hippie/boho essence of the hairstyle is just perfect for those beach weddings. Everyone will surely appreciate the look she’d be wearing.

  1. Blue Feather Hairstyle

You can give her soft, brown and long hair a perfect perky twist by adding a blue feather hair extension. Obviously, it will be a look to flaunt on a wedding and extensions work fine for one-off special occasions. Just leave all the hair open and parted to a side and add a beautiful extension to give it a beautiful vibrant look.

  1. Long And Black Fringes

Styling her long and black fringes into something perfect will really provide her with a cool playful look that is still casual and appealing. Her simple curled tresses will synchronize completely with one another when you’ll pull off this beautiful style on your little girl’s hair. Spiral curls will always adorn her hair to perfection.

  1. Headband Curls

You can always pin up her beautiful curls unevenly into a beautiful bun and allow some loose towards the sides to pull off a look to perfection. Adding a headband at the front will really give her a cool Cinderella style. This one will really make her look and feel like a beautiful little princess. It’s simply amazing and everyone will love her look.

So, pick one of these beautiful hairstyles for your little girl and give her a perfect style to flaunt on the next wedding you guys have to attend. Just go for the hairstyle that will suit her hair type and face shape so that she doesn’t have to look odd at the party. Many of these beautiful hairstyles listed above would look cool on her and she is definitely going to make a statement with her own unique and beautiful hairstyle.