There are some stunning natural places to visit near Vadodara which have, unfortunately, been overshadowed by tourist attractions that are far more popular. The region around Vadodara is as fascinating as the attractions within the city itself. For instance, if you’re looking for a hill station near Vadodara, you invariably will find it. Similarly, if you wish to see waterfalls near Vadodara, you will find that as well! You will also be glad to know that there are some really amazing one day picnic resorts near Vadodara. For travelers seeking spiritual enlightenment, there are pilgrimage places near Vadodara you can visit.


Thereby, be assured that not just Vadodara but even its surrounding regions are among the must-visit places in Gujarat. So pack your bags and come to explore some of these awesome natural places to visit near Vadodara!

Natural Places near Vadodara

Top Natural Places to Visit near Vadodara:


To make it easy for you to plan a trip, we’ve listed some of the best natural places near Vadodara you can explore. You can travel to the region on last minute flights in case you cannot make flight bookings in advance. Check out our list of the best ever natural places to visit near Vadodara and decide where you’d like to start.


  1. Zarwani Waterfall


Among the most remarkable waterfalls near Vadodara, Zarwani Waterfall is located within the Shoolpaneshwar wildlife sanctuary. Replete with picturesque beauty, it’s one of the top natural places to visit near Vadodara in monsoon. The rainfall ensures that the waterfall is at its fullest and best, intensifying the breathtaking scenery. It’s an ideal picnic spot for lovers, families, and friends alike. Additionally, Hathni Waterfall is also among the amazing waterfalls near Vadodara you can explore.


  1. Kabirvad


Named after the renowned 15th-century Sufi saint and poet Kabir, this is a stunning island found in the Narmada River. There is a gigantic banyan tree here that covers most of the island and provides shelter from the harsh sun. If you’re looking for an offbeat and low-key romantic trip, this is among the best natural places to visit near Vadodara for couples. Together, you can explore the island, the remarkable rural scene, sample local delicacies, and take in stunning views of nature.


  1. Anand Rural Picnic Spot


For those looking to make impromptu trips during the year-end, Anand happens to be among the top natural places to visit near Vadodara in winter. Although home to remarkable historic monuments such as the Jama Masjid and Bharuch Fort, it’s famously referred to as the Milk Capital of India. Anand is among the best natural places near Vadodara for exploring the serene and rustic rural scene. So when you book business class flights for the trip, do consider this place if you’re looking for a fantastic rural outing.


  1. Champaner


If you’re looking to explore offbeat historic locations, then Champaner is among the best natural places to visit near Vadodara. Rich in scenic natural beauty, it’s also blessed with spectacular historical attractions. Visit the Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park to witness stunning historical ruins. Displaying a marvelous blend of Islamic and Hindu architecture, the historic remains are an art-and-culture lover’s delight. Don’t forget to take your camera along and snap amazing pictures!


  1. Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary


If you’re on a short trip, then the Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary is among the top natural places to visit near Vadodara for 2 days. It’s the ideal picnic spot for families traveling with young kids. It’s no secret that kids love animals. Expect them to be left fascinated by spotting the park’s exotic wildlife such as antelopes, boar, wild bear, leopards, and sloth bear among others. It’s one of the best natural places near Vadodara for wildlife enthusiasts to explore. You can even enjoy trekking and camping at the sanctuary.


  1. Wadhwana Lake and Wetlands

Located at a distance of about 50 km from the city, Wadhwana hamlet is among the best natural places near Vadodara. It is also home to a massive lake, the Wadhwana Lake, with a radius of about 2 km. You will find watchtowers placed on the lake’s periphery at every 1 km distance. Boasting of an amazing habitat, the Wadhwana wetlands are home to some amazing flora and fauna. The forest department has deployed knowledgeable personnel to guide tourists through the region. There are Celestron telescopes as well here which the visitors can peer through.


  1.  Hathni Waterfalls


As mentioned earlier, another exciting waterfall to explore near Vadodara is the remarkable Hathni Waterfall. Located approximately 100 km from the city, the drive to Hathni Waterfall will take you through lush green and dense forests. Offering a spectacular view, this stunning waterfall is among the most amazing natural places to visit near Vadodara. The gorgeous place can be visited by couples, families, and friends alike. You can cook and camp in the forests, bathe in the spectacular waterfall, and even enjoy a bit of trekking amidst the picnicking.


How to Reach Vadodara:


There are many ways to arrive here if you wish to explore the stunning natural places to visit near Vadodara.

By Air: You can book discount flights to India at Indian Eagle and arrive at Vadodara Airport. It will well-connected with other major cities in India such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, and others. Alternatively, you can book cheap flights to Ahmedabad International Airport and arrive there first. You can then take a connecting flight from Ahmedabad to Vadodara.

By Rail: You can reach Vadodara via trains as well. The Vadodara Junction Railway Station connects the city with other major parts of the country via high-speed trains such as Rajdhani and Shatabdi.

By Road: There are ample highways and by-roads that lead to Vadodara from various parts of India. It’s one of the scenic ways to reach Vadodara. You can either take a bus or hire a car to reach here.


Of the above-mentioned, pick whichever mode of transport is best suited to you to get to the best natural places to visit near Vadodara. Come and explore some of the best natural places near Vadodara on your next vacation!