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List of few best iot platforms for 2019

List of few best iot platforms for 2019

IoT is one of the fastest growing industries currently. Connected devices are seen everywhere these days, be it office or at homes. Even Indian car manufacturers are busy experimenting with IoT solution for connecting cars so that they can give rise to more effective transportation. The main purpose behind connecting devices with IoT is to pass information from one source to another. Here we have come up with a list of few best IoT platforms for 2019.

Amazon IoT

This platform helps you to connect devices to AWS Services and other devices. This is a core IoT platform offering complete security to data and information. This platform also enables applications so that they can interact with various devices even without internet.

Google Cloud IoT

This platform comes with a complete set of tools that connect, process, store and analyze data both at the edge and within the cloud. This platform encompasses fully managed and scalable cloud services as well as an integrated software having machine learning capacities that can meet up all your IoT requirements.

Microsoft Azure IoT

This platform helps you to gain insights from all the devices that are connected with it. These insights can be turned into action with powerful tools that are designed for IoT development. New business opportunities and avenues can be explored with Microsoft IoT solutions.

Oracle Internet of Things

Oracle IoT helps your business to deliver creative new services super fast than that of your competitors. With this platform, you can securely connect, analyze as well as integrate real-time IoT data between all the connected devices and your business applications.

IBM Watson Internet of Things

IBM Watson comes with advanced analytics and AI. Through this platform, devices can be quickly collected and connected. Today’s organizations lack efficiency to deploy IoT and get the most of it. For succeeding every business must develop the right tools, services, and applications in order to get integrated into IoT.

Next set of top IoT platforms

Salesforce IoT

This IoT platform usually helps businesses to generate revenues with the help of IoT. It routes data generated from all the connected devices into this platform so that other teams can work on it. These days businesses can add meaningful business value to all connected device with this IoT platform.

Cisco IoT

Cisco’s highly flexible, secure and scalable industrial IoT platforms can help you in improving lower operating costs and up-time. It is capable of generating high revenues which will in turn future proof your investment.

Bosch IoT Suite

By incorporating this platform you will be able to determine innovative business models in the Internet of Things and cross-domain applications. This platform is a flexible one and can be used by anyone.

ThingWorx IoT Platform

When it comes to IoT it is all about transforming data from one source to another. When you incorporate this platform in your system you will be able to get information from those classified data which is stored internally with the help of a Thing model. This platform is based on analytics tools which allow the users to unlock relevant information rapidly.

SAP Cloud Platform IoT

This platform helps in the connection of devices to this platform so that scalable IoT data can be retrieved. With this platform, you can get a secure connection to remote devices.

The IoT is showing steady growth, according to experts this growth will be prevalent for decades now. Gartner states that more than 20 billion devices will incorporate IoT by 2020. This development is giving rise to challenges. The main challenges include security issues and proper processing of information. Especially the new IoT platforms are facing these challenges. However, the growth of new IoT platform indicates mass adoption of this technology. However, the adoption of IoT not only means connecting one device to another, but it also has more role. IoT platforms can be used to retrieve information from classified data. In more simpler terms, IoT platform is used as a bridge between devices and user applications.

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