How to make money with YouTube

How to make money with YouTube

Your dream is to be a successful YouTuber? Are you want to make money on Youtube?
Please flow our all rules hope you will get the best way to earning on Youtube,
Most of the people are trying to earning on YouTube but they are almost failed.
Are you confused you can it!
Of course, why not?
And these are more money you can make by YouTube, So, today we are going to discuss about YouTube earning.
We want to tell you something more spatial things about income way,
We hope if you do flow our way you can make true your dream. Just keep on work here with the freshness you can gain soon.
So let’s start- How to make money with YouTube

1. Create YouTube Channel.
Hope you are aware of Gmail account, must you need a Gmail account for creating a youtube channel. If you have Gmail account login it on a browser and go to YouTube link-
Then click on your Gmail id icon or flow the picture-

Then Go to Creator Studio, and choose your favorite YouTube channel and it’s good for your YouTube channel name chose to depend on your Video niche.
Then you can give a profile picture and youtube banner as you chose that’s can make your profile fare.
2. Video Upload.
When your profile is complete. You can upload any video,
And must need it creat by you.
Don’t copy another video and don’t Upload it in your channel it’s out of rolls of YouTube guideline.
Please care on this subject.
You can upload more Video for getting more visitor or traffic on your video it’s helpful to you fast get money from YouTube.
3. Video SEO.
YouTube video SEO is a most important thing for ranking your video and get more view/traffic.
it’s can make more view on your video, it’s can show your video on the first page of search result.
After the upload you need t give a video Title, Description, Tag, Thumbnail.
Title- You need give a good and attractive Title for a good result. When a man is most attractive in your Video Title it’s a great chance to view your video.
Description- Description is a short detail on your video and you can give here more video link your social link etc. After upload your video you can share it on more social media, it’s can help you to get more views.
Tag- Video Tag is very very important for ranking video. It’s for showing your video in search first page. If people search video by your keyword/ Tag if showing your video on the first page. your video on the first page so the result is you can get more and more view. and more view meaning more money.
Thumbnail- Thumbnail is more important things for a video get more views. You need give a very very attractive thumbnail to get more viewers on a video.
And you can give select something on in the thumbnail it’s can increase attraction.
As an example please see the thumbnail-
4. Monetization Enable.
Must you need monetization enable for earn money on YouTube. As recent roles of YouTube, you need allover 1000 Subscribe and 4000 minute watch time for enabling monetization. You can make it very easy if you flow our rules properly.
5. Adsense Account create.
You need to create an AdSense account to get add-on your YouTube Video. If you can make more traffic to your YouTube video you can get adds from Adsense.
It’s a way of earning. You can make more money from video adds, It’s work as (CPC).
If your visitor clicks on your video you can get money for it. And get more view you can do (SMM)
 Social media marketing or Sharing.
I hope you will understand besicks- How to make money with YouTube


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  2. Steps
    Set up and build your YouTube channel. Your channel is your personal presence on YouTube. …
    Add content. Try to upload content that is high quality, and isn’t super long. …
    Gain an audience. …
    Monetize your videos. …
    Meet the requirements. …
    Set up Google AdSense. …
    Check your analytics.

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