Best Places in Mysore

Best Places in Mysore For A Traveller

One of the best places in the entire globe, where you can see clearly how the old culture has joined with the modern. The place is known by another name, “City of Palaces”. You can call Mysore as one of the cleanest cities in the entire globe. So, shall we get down to business regarding the best places in Mysore?

How To Go To Mysore

The best and easiest way is to land at Bangalore airport. Do you have a close friend or relative in Bangalore? Then borrow his bike and then go to Mysore via the road. You can enjoy the best architectural buildings, the best scenery and many more. And we promise in this article, to give the best places in Mysore that you can reach by bike.

Best Places in Mysore

1. Best Places in Mysore – Mysore Palace

Do you want to enjoy royal palaces with all splendor? Then visit the Mysore Palace which is the center point of attraction in Mysore for all travelers around the globe. The best time to visit Mysore is in the time of Dasara. The entire place is decorated with lights for ten days. Do not forget to visit the day of Jamboo Savari. You can park your bike and stay in some hotels near the City Bus Stand, Mysore.

Inside the temple, you can visit Shweta Varahaswamy Temple dedicated to an Avatar of Vishnu inside the Palace Grounds. The temple is of Hoysala architecture. Do not miss the exquisite carvings made on the pillars, towers, and doorways.

Also present in the Palace grounds is the Prasanna Krishnaswamy temple. It is present on the Eastern Side of Palace. In the temple, there are many idols of gods, goddesses, sages, and saints. Prominent among them are Paravasudeva, Ramanujacharya, and AnanthaSayana. During Krishna Janmashtami, grand celebrations are held in the Temple.

You can also visit Lakshmiramana Swamy temple. Considered as one among the oldest temples as far as Mysore is concerned, few renovations have happened. But as per the old inscription, the temple has received grants from Vijayanagara King Narasa Nayaka in 1499.

2. Best Places in Mysore – Sri Chamundeshwari Temple

If you want to have a 360-degree view of the entire Mysore city, then go to the top of Chamundi Hills by bike. The guardian deity of the City, people from many walks of life come to this temple to seek blessings. The building of the temple was done in the 11the century.

There are other temples in Chamundi hills, so do not forget to visit them also.

3. Best Places in Mysore – Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens

Are you an animal lover? Then do not forget to visit Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens in Mysore. Do not be amazed to see school children coming for a trip every day. You can find many varieties of birds and animals in the place.

Please note, that you may have to spend an entire day in the zoo to look at various animals. But yes, there are spaces for parking your bike or car.

Best Places in Mysore

4. Best Places in Mysore – St. Philomena’s Cathedral

This cathedral is more than 200 years old, and it is visited by foreign travelers from every country when they come to Mysore. It is a divine place, and you need to experience the vibes. You can count this church as one of the largest cathedrals in South Asia.

5. Best Places in Mysore – Lalitha Mahal

Lalith Mahal is another Palace you need to visit in Mysore. It was built for the Viceroy. The building style contains a mixture of European architecture forms. If you want to witness the scenic beauty of Mysore and Chamundi Hills, you need to visit this place to have a bright view.

Best Places in Mysore

7. Best Places in Mysore – Railway Museum

You may have gone to museums of various types, but how about a rail museum? This place is close to the railway station in Mysore. Visiting this place is like an educational and informational tour regarding locomotives in India. You can find the ancient locomotive engines as well as carriages. Will you believe, they are still in working form?

8. Best Places in Mysore – Government Sandalwood Oil Factory

Have. you ever used Mysore Sandalwood soaps? They are one of the best. You can visit the Government-owned Sandalwood Oil Factory in Mysore. Do you want to gain information on the making, procedure, and techniques of manufacturing of this soap? You can also indulge in shopping for the best products. It will be a rare learning experience.

Best Places in Mysore

9. Best Places in Mysore – Srirangapatna

This place has a history dating back to centuries. Do not forget to visit the historic places in the place such as Nimishamba Temple, Tippu Sultan Palace and more. Please note, that if you are going by bike to Mysore from Bangalore, on the way, you can stop at Srirangapatna. But ensure that you have enough time to go to all the places.

Srirangapatna was the capital of Mysore State. Did you forget the Third Anglo Mysore War when Tipu Sultan was killed by the British? The RanganathaSwamy Temple makes SriRangapatna one of the famous Vaishnavite centers in South India. You also have the Sangama where Hindus come from far and near to immerse the ashes of their loved family members.

10. Best Places in Mysore – KRS Dam

One of the best tourist destinations visited by tourists from all over the world. It was built in 1924. Do not forget to visit this marvelous place which is surrounded by Brindavan gardens and the magical fountain. If you want to take a boat ride, there is the facility.


11. Best Places in Mysore – Jaganmohan Palace

It is called as a Palace, but to be honest, many tourists dub it as an Art Gallery. It is situated very close to the City Bus Stand of Mysore. It was built in 1861 by Krishnaraja Wodeyar III. If you want to see the Hindu Style of architecture prevalent in the 17th and 18th century, then you need to visit this Palace. The paintings on the walls depict the Dusshera Scene and Jamboo Savari. You can also view the family history of the Wodeyars and ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

The paintings in this Palace belong to different styles such as Mughal and Shantiniketan. And will you believe that it contains the famous oil paintings of Raja Ravi Verma? You can also find war weapons, sculptures, antique coins, and old currencies.

12. Best Places in Mysore – Kukkarahalli Lake

If you want to experience Mother Nature in the city of Mysore, do not forget to go to Kukkarahalli Lake. It was built by Dewan Poornaiah and has an area of 120 acres. You can walk the trail from one gate to another gate which ends near Manasa Gangothri. If you want to go for a boating ride, there are facilities.




So, mentioned above are some famous best places in Mysore for a traveler. As mentioned before, are you traveling by bike from Bangalore to Mysore? Then please note, on the way to Mysore, you can visit Srirangapatna. But do not forget to follow the instructions of travelers. Since you are traveling by a relative’s bike or your own bike, it should be in excellent condition. And if you have taken your relative’s bike, kindly question if the vehicle has got the required maintenance service. No, then it is very easy to opt for bike maintenance services in Bangalore at the doorstep. The easy job is to select the best app of home service provider companies in Bangalore, and then download it to the mobile. These companies also have reputed mechanics who offer bike services in Bangaloreat the desired location. Ask the mechanic to come at the scheduled time and do the job. The bike will be in fine condition, and you need not face any hassles during the trip to Mysore or while roaming around the city to visit the places mentioned in this article.


The above-mentioned spots are the best places in Mysore for a traveler. Have we missed an important building in Mysore? Then kindly drop a comment in the Reviews section. We will add them in the future.

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