When you start a small business you would be forgiven for thinking that you won’t want it to stay that way forever. You may dream of one day owning a huge company that has lots of employees, several different premises and six or seven-figure order books on a regular basis.

But of course, while this is the destination some people have in mind, it isn’t the whole story. There is another important part of the equation to consider as well, and that is when to move on and expand your business.

This can be a difficult decision to make if you are running a small business on your own. As the sole worker for the business, you will know everything about it. You’ll know all about cash flow, jobs to be done, the clients – everything. If you consider bringing in more people or moving to larger premises you have to accept that things will change.

Larger Business Premises

So when is the right time to move to bigger premises?

Well, there can be many reasons and situations that can inspire you to think seriously about doing it. For example, you may currently be working from home. This can be awkward when you constantly get interruptions from other people in the house. Children, in particular, don’t always understand that the office is an out of bounds zone. In this situation, you may be well advised to find office space somewhere else instead.

Another common factor in finding larger premises is that you have simply outgrown the ones you are in at the moment. This could be a simple matter of no longer being able to work on the kitchen table, or it could be the case that your existing premises are not large enough to cope with the equipment and paperwork you need to have around you. clipping path service

It can be tempting to move to larger premises at various times. But the important point is to ensure you move for the right reasons. You also need to ensure you move to premises that are better than the ones you are in now. If you are moving for specific reasons, make sure the new premises address those reasons properly. Otherwise, you will be expending a lot of energy and seeing very little results in return.

The bottom line if you have decided to move premises is to make sure you can afford it. Work out all the figures well in advance and see what options are open to you. Bear in mind there may be additional things to put in place too, such as a new telephone system. In any event, if you can be prepared for larger premises and everything they will bring to your business, you will be glad you made the move.


Take Care.

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