6 Tips to return to school

6 Tips to return to school

After the holidays over there is a time to face the reality of going back to school routine and work. After weeks of holidays that kids spend with their family at home without any responsibilities now it’s time to prepare a kid to return to school with excitement.


There are few tips where parents can manage a positive transition from vacations to school.

  1. Organize Backpack

Before resuming your school always make sure your backpack has all the essential supplies in it. Always check if you need any new pencils or notebook. Keep a check if your backpack is clean or you need to buy a new one. If yes then buy Best Backpacks Online only from Bembel Pakistan. We also offer Online Mini bags for Kids. So get your hands now because Bembel is making easy Online Bags shopping in Pakistan.

  1. Do the homework

Your child must return to the daily habit of doing homework. Decide the homework schedule or follow the previous one, make sure your child completes his all summer vacation homework before returning to the school.

  1. Take back the sleeping schedules

As holidays give freedom to watch television, play video games and use many other media for entertainment. This results as for late night sleep and waking up late in the morning. However, the first week of returning school can become a challenge due to these habits. So before school starts again, it is important to come back on a sleeping schedule and decide reasonable timings to go to bed, so that you can wake up fresh in the morning.

  1. Remember breakfast

If your holidays mean “everyone eats what they can” at breakfast time, it’s time to change it. A complete and healthy breakfast is one of the most determining factors in the children’s ability to concentrate. If your little one comes hungry to school, it will cost them more to pay attention to their morning lessons; On the contrary, if you eat high-sugar donuts and cereals, you will experience a peak of energy that will drop dramatically after one hour. This is why taking care that children eat a balanced breakfast will help their school performance improve.

  1. Make a presence

Take a moment this month to review with the teacher your child’s progress, especially if you have any concerns and set up a meeting with your children’s teachers. However, if your child performs well in school just send an email or note to the teacher to keep a check on your kid’s progress. Always ask the teacher that being a parent how you can contribute to your child learning this will help to break the communication barrier between parents and teacher.

  1. Set Goals

You must set goals from day one so that your child can work on it. It helps your kid to keep motivated and active to the whole year. As soon as they start reaching to their goals they take a step ahead and feel accomplished and it also builds healthy competition among kids.

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