cheap straight razors

3 best cheap straight razors

It is not necessary that you have to pay a big amount for a good shave. There are also straight razors of good quality available in cheap prices in market. You can buy best straight razor in affordable price. If you have a sensitive skin so you can’t compromise on the quality of razor for shaving your face, a best quality razor can then shave your face without any irritation and cuts. As there are many best straight razors available in the market but let’s discuss some of them.

cheap straight razors

Black Ops Grooming – BlackAF Straight Razor

This straight razor is one of the best and cool looking razor. The look of this razor is slick and badass. The packing of this razor includes a cool silver metallic case with a black velvet bag.

There is a black powder coating round this razor providing this razor it military issue appearance. There is a round point on the head of this razor which helps to prevent the cuts.

This razor also provides you the feature of the wet shave. The price of this razor is also reasonable as compared to the features of this straight razor.

Bertone Straight Razor

This Bertone straight razor is the best choice for you if you like classic style razors. While having a shave with a straight razor the most important factor for having smooth and close shave is to have a complete grip on the handle of the razor. The handle of this razor is made up of natural mahogany wood that provides you a complete grip.

The blade of this razor is pre-sharpened manually before the delivery of this razor, but the good approach is that you also strop it before first use.

If you like wet shave so this razor is the best choice for you. You can use this straight razor for a wet shave. Use gel, soap, shaving cream or you can shave your face under the shower while using this straight razor.

This straight razor has comfortable use you can easily use it without any problem. The price of this straight razor is also affordable according to the features of this razor.

You have a good and pleasant shaving experience while using this straight razor.

Gold Dollar Straight Razor (The Classic)

This Gold Dollar Straight razor is an affordable razor. As this brand is one of the famous brands of affordable straight razors from China. There is a carbon steel blade attached with handle in this razor. As this razor comes in the shape ready form but the recommendation is to stop it before shaving with it.

As there is a dangerous spike point on the end of this straight razor which needs to be more careful while using this razor, therefore this razor is not a good approach for beginners. This straight razor comes in a packing of a black bag with a slick metal case. The packing of this razor is good for traveling.

The prize of this razor is also affordable; this razor is one of the best affordable razors for you.

cheap straight razors

Cutthroat Gents Straight Razor

This Cutthroat Gents Straight Razor is one of the best quality razors. This razor has the best handle feature as it comes with two designs it depends on your choice whether you choose slick polished black wood or acrylic handle the look of one handle is classy while the other handle provides you the best grip.

There are three carbon steel single blades in this razor which provides you an easy and smooth shave. As this razor comes to shave ready but the recommendation is to stop it before first use. The price of this razor is also reasonable.



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